Lego Minifigures: Classic


Lego Minifigures Classic: Series 20

You're never too old for Legos. These collectible minifigures are fun for children or adults, play or display! Play with them on their own, with other minifigures from the series, or other Lego sets.

  • 2020 release Minifigures, Series 20
  • Blind bag: each bag has a surprise figure inside
  • Series includes: Pajama girl, Piñata boy, Peapod costume girl, Sea rescuer, Pirate girl, Martial arts boy, Breakdancer, Super warrior, Brick costume guy, Llama costume girl, Space fan, Athlete, Tournament knight, 80s musician, Drone boy and Viking.
  • Collect all 16!
  • Ages 5+