6 PomPom Pups, Buns & Chicks Plushies


Get 1/2 a dozen eggs - no, even better, Puppies, Bunnies & Chicks - in a clear Eco-Friendly Recyclable Egg Carton.

We promise 6 different kinds. Each of the cute Plushies has a little strap on top for you to attach to your school bag, zipper, etc. The Plushies are imported from Japan and assembled as a cute gift pack in Los Angeles. Selected by Pop Cutie to ensure the right amount of cuteness.

  • 6 pieces in mixed colors - which ones will you get?
  • Assorted Designs of Plush.
  • Egg Carton can be square or round depending of stock.
  • Not suitable for children under the age of 3 years old.