Soft Cloth Baby Book

Type: Books

Farm Tails: You’ve got the moos and the oinks, but do you know whose tail that is? 

Dino Tails: A soft book with all the kinds of dinosaur tails you could imagine. Make it a gift for your little dinosaur lover by adding this Bashful Dino!

Unicorn Tails: A soft book with all the kinds of unicorn tails you could imagine. Make it a gift for your little unicorn lover by adding Luna!

Rainbow Tails: Kid's first rainbow book. This book identifies the colors in a fun and colorful way that creates a rainbow in the end! Who are you going to find in your garden? Identify them by their tails!

Sea Tails: Dive into the Sea Tails book for tails of every stripey, scale and squiggle! A funky fabric book that can hang from the buggy, this is one silly, splashy adventure! Bursting with colour and zany illustrations, it's a great way to learn about ocean pals!

I Am Sweetcorn: Where does corn come from? Find out in I Am A Sweetcorn, a quirky look at the sunny journey from seed to scrummy cob! This bubbly board book is bold and bright, and a playful way to learn about food, with cute illustrations to make the story pop! Make it a gift by adding Sweetcorn stuffie!

  • Baby Book 
  • Book for ages suitable from birth