About Us

Hallo! That’s Deutsche for Hello and since our name is German we try and stick to our roots while heading full speed into the future. We are probably even more excited to be here than you are. We have a website! A simple way to connect with friends all over planet earth.

Taking steps into the future, we hope to become your favorite place to find a gift. Our team is all about family and fun. Memories make all the difference to a child (and their adults) and we want to help you make loads of happy memories. The more distinct the better

To help you make memories and give memorable gifts we have curated a store bursting at the seems with nostalgia, fresh ideas, great design and playabilty. Play is so powerful. Play done well checks all the boxes socially, intellectually, physically and it’s definitely good for the soul. So, whether you are carefully curating and encouraging play in your home or giving your favorites as a gift, we hope you choose us.