Aquabeads Deluxe Craft backpack


Aquabeads Deluxe Craft Backpack is a water fuse bead set, allowing for independent play by children that doesn't require needles or ironing! This complete craft kit includes everything your child needs to create unique bead designs, from cute animals to colorful rainbows and wearable designs.

To start crafting, select your template and place the sheet underneath the flip tray, aligning the beads to the spacing on the tray. Follow the template to place the beads on the tray until the template is covered. Spray with water to fuse the beads together and finish your design!

  • Set features over 1,000 solid, jewel and star beads in a variety of vibrant colors including new shiny beads!
  • Includes innovative flip tray, sprayer, double-sided bead pen and bead palette that doubles as a storage case with straps and carry handle.   
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