Crazy Aaron's SCENTsory Putty: Food

SCENTsory Putty: Food

Pizzarazzi: Yellow with red flecks smells like cheese pizza.

Snackerjack: Brown butter color with yellow and white flecks smells like salted caramel popcorn.

Orangesicle: Orange with white specks smells like oranges and cream.

Chocolotta: Brown with rainbow sparkles smells like double-chocolate cupcakes.

Scoopberry: Pink, smells like strawberry and vanilla.

Gumballer: White with rainbow confetti smells like bubble gum. 

All Products:

  • Size: 2.75" container, 0.8 oz of putty
  • Stretch, bounce, and sculpt 
  • Each putty type has a different food inspired scent 
  • Never dries out!
  • Made in the USA