Mo Williams Books

by Ingram
Type: Books

Can I Play Too?: Snake doesn’t have arms. Snake wants to play catch with Elephant and Piggie. Creative solutions, anyone?

Leonardo the Terrible Monster: Leonardo is not very good at scaring people. He doesn't have thousands of teeth, and he's not big, or weird. All he wants is to scare the tuna salad out of somebody, but it's not working! One day he goes on a search to find the biggest scardey-cat. But when they meet, the most unexpected thing happens!

Pigs Make Me Sneeze: Gerald cannot stop sneezing. He is worried that he is allergic to Piggie, and they can never play together again. How will they solve this horrible problem?

Sam the Most Scaredy-Cat Kid: Sam is scared of absolutely everything, except his monster friend Leonardo. Then he meets Kerry, who is afraid of everything except her monster friend Frankenthaler. When Sam and Kerry meet, they can only scream out in fear of each other. Finally the monsters have had enough, and they leave Sam and Kerry alone to figure it out!

  • Fairy Tale & Folklore
  • Book for ages 6+