Mr. Man Books

by Ingram
Type: Kids Books

Mr. Bump has a problem: it seems if there is anything to bump into, he will bump into it. Help Mr. Bump find the best job for him so he can use his bumping talent for good! The perfect book for young readers as well as toddlers.Don't forget to check out our other Mr. Men and Little Miss books.

  • Fairy Tale & Folklore Books
  • Book for ages 6+

Mr. Slow just wants to sleep, but Mr. Busy just wants to do...well, everything. How will Mr. Slow escape the torture of productivity?

Mr. Clumsy is the clumsiest man in the world. He can't seem to keep his life in order and is always breaking things. How on earth does he manage to get through the day?

If you came across a wishing well, what would you wish for? Mr. Dizzy was always getting things confused and turned around, then he came across a wishing well and his life changed.

Mr. Forgetful has a very important message to deliver, but he can't seem to remember what it is.

Mr. Fussy dusts his flowers and straightens his grass and makes everything perfect. Then he gets a surprise visit from Mr. Clumsy.

Mr. Grumble complains about everything! He can never look on the bright side, until one day when he gets taught a lesson that he will never forget.

Mr. Happy finds a see-through friend who is sad that he only halfway exists. So Mr. Happy takes Mr. Nobody to a wizard who will help him find himself! 

He’s rude beyond compare. But Mr. Happy is going to fix that by taking an unwelcome stay in Mr. Rude’s house.

It sounds like a lot of fun to live in Loudland. But for Mr. Quiet he is scared of loud noises and is scared to go outside. Then he gets an invitation from Mr. Happy and learns to find happiness in his life.

Rush around town with Mr. Rush, and help him find the perfect job! From milking the cows to being a hotel waiter, help him earn enough money to go on vacation. A great book for children beginning to read and for other young toddlers!

Mr. Skinny has never been able to eat. For breakfast, he only eats one cornflake and he is full. He has always tried to eat more but has never been able to. 

Will Mr. Greedy be able to help?It is possible to be too strong? Mr. Strong may be too strong for his own good but he is very helpful when you need it.

Mr. Birthday LOVES planning parties to make people feel special on their birthdays. But it seems he’s forgotten somebody...Will he figure it out in time?

Is everything upside down, inside out, or back to front?! From his words to his clothes, that is exactly how Mr. Topsy-Turvy is. Follow him as he visits a town and suddenly turns everything upside down! This is the perfect book for young children who are learning to read.

Mr. Uppity is rich and rude. A goblin teaches him a lesson by making him feel small!