Party Puppies: Assorted

Type: Toys & Games

Party Puppies:

Stop struggling to stuff your chihuahua into a burrito costume, and put the dog tutus away. Save your dog the embarrassment by channeling your need for whimsy onto a party pup instead! These golden retrievers, French bulldogs, pugs, and corgis dress up in costume without a fight.

Check out the Pup in the Cup

  • Each dog sold separately with one costume. (*At checkout specify which ones you would like. If we are out of stock we will pick the cutest one for you)
  • 4 dog breeds: golden retriever, French bulldog, corgi, pug
  • 12 removable costumes: unicorn, shark, lobster, sheep, chicken, lion, ladybug, hot dog, bumblebee, dragon, dino, and bunny
  • Soft and squishy, filled with tiny beads
  • Approximately 2" long
  • Ages 3+