Knockout Punch

Type: Board Games

Let's Get Ready To Rumbleeeeee!

Clear out the living room or head outside because you're about to show your friends a whole new kind of card game! Become King of the Ring by dodging, ducking, and landing 'punches' and throwing the squishy boxing glove at your opponents. No mercy!

Objective capture the most cards and earn the most points by knocking out fellow "boxers" as well as betting on other player's showdowns! (2-6 players / with 2 player option 94 Cards 1 game board 4 tokens 1 squishy foam boxing glove)

A Roll-On-The-Floor-Laughing (or crying!) Game ✦ ➟ Bring the heat or play it nice...but no matter your style, we guarantee you'll be crying tears of joy (or pain😜) the whole time. Get ready for one of the most outrageous party games.. the most hilarious board games... and the most intense family game you'll ever play!

  • Party Game
  • 2 - 6 Players
  • 20 Min. Playing Time
  • Ages 7+