Archie McPhee Bandages


Each Bandage Tin includes:

  • Metal tin (3-3/4”)
  • Fifteen large sterile strips 3” x 1”
  • And a free prize!
  • Funny white elephant gift

Bravery Bandages: Did you tumble out of a tree, fall off your bike, or trip over your own feet? Skip the tears and treat your wound with a Bravery Bandage. 

Bacon Bandages: "Um, excuse me sir, but do you have a delicious strip of bacon on your arm?" "Miss, I think you've misplaced your amazing breakfast, because it's on your knee." You'll hear no end of compliments like these when you use Bacon Bandages! 

Enchanted Unicorn Bandages: Use the power of unicorns to heal your wounds! The virginal purity of unicorns is reflected in the sterile gauze of the bandage. 

 Leech Bandages: Why put a leech on a bandage? Actual doctors are using leeches again. Isn’t it shocking that using leeches in medicine has come back in vogue? Turns out a leech gets the blood flowing around wounds and restores blood flow in blocked veins. In medieval times they were used by bloodletters to “balance the humors” of the body. Now, they’re used by plastic surgeons to help people recover from difficult surgeries.

Shakespearean Insult Bandages: Rapscallion, treat the damage to thy self with Shakespearean Insult Bandages. The wound binding of choice for curs, blackguards, scoundrels and wretches. These bandages have an image of Shakespeare and insults taken directly from his plays. Such hilarious insults as, "Do thou amend my face, and I'll amend my life." You'll never stop laughing.

The Scream Bandages: Edvard Munch’s The Scream is a visual representation of nature’s infinite scream of torment, so we thought it would be the perfect thing for dealing with scrapes and owies. You can also use them for imagined wounds if you have “Munch”-housen Syndrome. A well-timed scream will make you feel better!