Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone Black


ONAOK Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Singing Microphone

This is an upgraded karaoke wireless microphone, definitely a wonderful machine as well as an incredible art. Well-designed by our engineers, it's not only a simple microphone, but a perfect speaker and recorder. Just hold it and warm up the atmosphere!

  1. Unique BONAOK international patent: Our BONAOK microphones obtain official certifications in the field of microphones, and we're always confident of our supreme high quality
  2. Professional microphone factory, to check every part of the production line, and to ensure the superior quality
  3. A more humanized design, to know more and provide what you need most. Not only a microphone, but a speaker and recorder
  4. Easy to use: just enjoy yourself with this portable handheld microphone, connected with your phone via Bluetooth or audio cable
  5. Perfect KTV effect: high quality noise reduction, and a great speaker, allow you to enjoy the amazing echo reverberation and live sound