After Dinner Amusements

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After Dinner Amusements

"Which Would You Choose?"- This cute, compact tin is filled with 50 hilarious and thought-provoking questions asking players to choose between two equally good, unpleasant, or absurd scenarios.

"Family Time"- Wide range of intriguing questions, this family-friendly party game leads to interesting conversations.

"Do Your Remember"- Questions include “You're a billionaire, but you only have 10 years to live or you're penniless, but will enjoy good health until 99 years of age” & “Would you rather be trapped in a room full of snakes or a room full of spiders?”

"Gratitude"- This humble tin is filled with 50 attitude-of-gratitude practices and prompts to inspire the whole family.

"Charades"- Fun tin filled with 200 charades prompts from books, movies, television shows, and songs.

"Odd Fact Out"- Challenge your friends and family to find the odd fact out with these 50 general knowledge trivia challenges! The elephant is the world's largest land mammal. Elephant tusks are teeth, not horns. Elephants sleep up to 8 hours a day....

"If the Shoe Fits"- How well do your friends and family know each other? Find out with this portable tin of 50 hypothetical scenarios!

"Travel Trivia"- Travel around the world without leaving your dinner table, or take this game on the go—either way, the enlightening and entertaining trivia questions in this deck are sure to inspire ideas for the next family vacation!

"Get Smart"- This tin is filled with 50 brain-busting trivia questions for an unforgettable after-dinner duel between friends and family.

"Name That Word"-  In this fast-paced, family-friendly word game, one player must quickly describe a mystery word for their teammates without using any of the related terms listed on the card.

"Riddle Me This"- 50 tricky riddles for an unforgettable after-dinner duel between friends and family.

  • SO many tins to choose from; collect them all! 
  • The petite tins are the perfect size to throw in your bag or luggage for a vacation.
  • This game is part of the After Dinner Amusements series, a collection of tiny tins filled with prompts for lively conversation, trivia, icebreakers, and endless laughs.