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8 Easy & Fun Valentine Cards

8 Easy & Fun Valentine Cards

Try out these simple Valentine cards you can make at home! 
There are so many ways to say "I love you" from little written notes to extravagantly wrapped goodies. We came up with a few ideas of our own to add a little silliness and sentiment to this season of love. These are a few of our most popular items that everyone loves - so why not make them into a Valentine card!? 
Mini pencils, filled with lots of love! Use our Mini Colored Pencil Set to write a love letter of your own. Give your sweetheart the colored pencils so you can both write secret love letters throughout the year. 
We hear a Magic Potion can be more powerful than Cupid's arrow.
Do you have someone in mind you would give it to? 
Do you know a pizza connoisseur? A set of Pizza Playing Cards is sure to ensure their love! These card are great for playing with two people or a group of card cupids. Really, anyone will love playing with them. 
Our Mini Wooden Racers  will make a little heart race. Little lovelies love mini things. Especially cars they can zip and zoom to their heart's content.
For a more colorful option, try our Mini Racers
Who doesn't love a smooch on Valentine's Day!? The Roller Girls Lipgloss comes in the most delightful scents, perfect for giving the sweetest kisses. 
Know someone that rocks your world? Give them some Pop Rocks this Valentines.
We have 9 yummy flavors to try! 
One of our very favorite, and most famous products is Nee Doh. This glob of squishy fun helps anyone squish their troubles away or produce uncontrollable giggles as they play with this fabulous ball. 
Do you know anyone who is the hotdog to your hamburger? Your best friend will love sharing a sweet treat with you! We have lots of other tasty treats you can pair up for you and your BFF, find them here.
 There are lots of ways to show your favorite people you love them! We think making a homemade valentines is one of the best ways. Try these ideas, or come up with your own from our collection of gifts, games, candy and books! We would love to hear the ideas you come up with, share them below:)

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