How to Plan and Execute the Perfect Game Night

How to Plan and Execute the Perfect Game Night

How to Plan and Execute the Perfect Game Night


Hosting a game night can be a fabulous way to bring your family or friends together. Nights like these inspire laughing of all kinds and memories to treasure.

Planning the perfect game night needs to include a stellar line up of games, tasty treats, and sometimes fanciful costumes.

Your crowd will determine the games played.



If your game night is going to be held with children 14 and under these games will be perfect:




If your game night is going to be held with older children these games will be a perfect fit.




If your game night is going to be held with a rowdy group seeking challenge and strategy we suggest the following games:





Food can be a real game-changer. Seriously, your food can completely change a game. Slide a bowl of  on to the table during a critical turn and your opponents will be distracted for a perfect minute. Taste a zotz and feel energized for seven more rounds of Exploding Kittens. Our shop has all sorts of fun treats to refresh game nights, in addition to these we love assortments of other foods.


Chips and Dip: This classic is convenient and simple to make, with lots of variety to make it fun.

Charcuterie Board: This can be a full collection of meats and cheeses mixed with fun dips and fruit. 

Fruit: Snag whatever is in season or growing in the garden out back. 

Funky Fun Pop Corn: Add a twist to the normal butter and salt by adding things like pop rocks, peanut butter, marshmallows, M&M's, chile lime, s'mores, Oreo's or fruit loops! 




Adding a theme to your game night can liven the party and set a personality to the festivities. Say you are playing a round of Bang, request attire to be Wild West themed. This is sure to keep everyone in character and bring your game to life. 

Sushi Go Theme: Have everyone wear a robe of sorts. Order sushi from a local shop. Our favorite is Five Sushi Brothers. 

You’ve Got Crabs Theme: Head outside with a blanket, picnic basket, and fresh lemonade. Wear your swim suits and favorite pair of sunglasses. Enjoy a round of You've Got Craps under the sun, pretending you are at the beach! 

Bang: The Bullet Theme: Howdy partner! Have your guests wear a wild west costume. Require cowboy hats and bandanas to keep everyone feeling like a true buckaroo.  

Catan Theme: Pull out your greatest cloaks, lavish jackets, leather attire and anything you can image a settler wearing. Gather some pretzel sticks for wood, rolos for gold, twix bars for bricks, or animal themed cupcakes. 


Picking the right games, food and themed attire can make an epic game night. We hope you found some of these tips and tricks useful. Let us know what you plan for your next game night!


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