Spring Cleaning your Child's Playroom | Tips and Ideas

Spring Cleaning your Child's Playroom | Tips and Ideas

Spring Cleaning your Child's Playroom | Tips and Ideas

Spring is upon us! As the days get lighter and the sun hits the playroom, you might have noticed that it could use a bit of cleaning up.

Play is crucial to childhood and it’s better to play in a clean room. Here are some tips and ideas on how to clean and organize a playroom for another year of fun!


Categorize/Sort the Playroom

I’m sure once you start, it might seem daunting to clean up so many different toys. How can you make it easier? Sorting. That’s the key.

Organize with Bins!

Bins are a great way to organize and make a distinction between toys. I’d suggest labeling the bins or color-coding them. Because of this, it will make decisions easier when playtime arrives.

You could even separate them based on what type of activity it is. Maybe put all of the outdoor activity bins together in a group. It makes playtime really accessible and easy.

This also works great for when playtime happens again. Pick a few things and it will be easy to put away a few things rather than everything.

Organizing and putting toys in bins pays out in the long run!

Consider Which Toys Get Played with the Most 

Some toys have all of the luck. Take this into consideration when organizing. If a toy is being played with more, make sure to make it easier for your child to reach. Alternatively, you could make the less played with toys more accessible, if you feel bad for them.


Deep Clean the Toys!

Some plastic and bathroom toys can be thrown into the dishwasher for deep cleaning. Here’s how:

  • Put toys on the top rack.
  • Secure smaller toys with a mesh bag or something else that holds them.
  • Set the washing cycle to normal with heated dry.
  • Shake off the water on the toys and let them dry.

How to Clean Wooden or Electronic Toys

What about wooden or electronic toys? Warm, soapy water and a well-wrung hand cloth will work great for cleaning them. Only hit the problem areas if you’re worried about getting too much water on them.

How to Clean Plush Toys

Since plush toys are delicate, you’ll want to put them in something that will protect them. Most people use pillowcases and then tie them off. Put the plush in the washing machine on a gentle cycle with warm water.

After that, you can dry the plush in the dryer on low heat. There are alternatives for cleaning plush toys if this doesn’t suit you.


Ways to Repurpose Unused Toys 

Does your kid have too many toys that don’t get touched? Maybe it’s time to thin the collection.

Some kids have a hard time giving up their toys. If this is the case, consider going through the toys while your child is gone. Otherwise, it might be good to involve them in the process.

Donate to Your Local Charity 

Some of the best donation items are toys. If they aren’t being used, some other kid would give them love. This can be a great way to teach your child the importance of giving.

Give Unused Toys to a Cousin 

Is there someone in your extended family that could use some toys? This is a smart tactic to use when your child has a hard time giving up toys. If they know that they will probably see the toys again, they might be more willing to give the toy up.

Recycle Old Toys 

Some toys are at their wit's end and need to be tossed out. Obviously, the garbage is the answer, but consider recycling them.

There are programs that various toy companies have, but this could end up being more of a hassle sometimes. You can recycle metal toys or metal parts of toys. If a wooden toy has an all-natural stain, it can be recycled at your local compost site. If there is paint on the wood, the only place for it is in the garbage.


Why You Should Involve Your Child in Cleaning the Playroom

If your child is able, have them join you! This can be a time to teach.

Sometimes it can be hard to keep reeling in your child while cleaning, but it is good for their development. Why would it be good? Well, I’ve got a couple of reasons.

Teaching Responsibility

Involving your child can teach them responsibility for their actions. If they make a mess, it is their responsibility to clean it up. This teaches them that actions have consequences – good and bad.

Learning to Value Their Toys

Ownership is a great principle to teach a child. Children taking care of their toys and placing value on them is similar to owning your first car. If you take the time to teach your child to care for their toys, eventually they will. They will take the time to clean up because they value what they have.

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