Scientific Discovery Lab STEM

Type: Toys

Makes a great gift & create lasting memories you can cherish for a lifetime!

Over 40 amazing experiments to explore!

  • Each of the unique projects featured in this kit is designed to spark your child's natural curiosity. Each one is imbued with a touch of magic that feels as if it can't be explained.
  • But then, read farther through the instructions, and there it is, perfectly explained!
  • Create a mini tabletop water cycle, complete with rain, rivers, and an ocean. Build a self-propelled water fountain, a balloon-powered hover disk, and a magnet-powered race car.
  • Learn how to create electricity in a tube, how simple metal nuts can be built into a sculpture (without screwing them together), and how volcanoes erupt.
  • Every experiment is an incredible experience!

Recommended for age 8 years and up.