Aquabeads: Beginners Carry Case


Aquabeads: Beginners Carry Case:

Create, spray, flip tray and they stay! Aquabeads is the original water-activated fuse bead craft activity.

Set includes over 900 solid, jewel and star beads in 24 colors and double-sided bead pen. Unique carry case design doubles as workstation for crafting and snaps together for storage. Use the design pegs to decorate the front of the case and make it unique. Templates include include a rabbit, dolphin, dinosaur, rainbow, ice cream and more!

  • Includes: 900x beads in 24 colours (12x solids, 4x jewels, 8x stars), 1x carry case with flip tray, 1x double-sided pen, 1x spray bottle, 1x display, 6x design pegs, 2x template sheets, 1x manual
  • Suitable for years 4+