Ball Drop and Roll Tower

The Tot Tower Ball Drop from Fun Little Toys includes 9 Multi-Colored Ramps which combine to make 1 Tot Tower. Additionally, there are 3 Roller Balls designed with Sound Beads inside making for a ball drop toy that is engaging to the majority of the senses!
Designed at the height of 33.5” Inches, prepare to be delighted by a ball ramp tower toy for toddlers that is both perfectly sized and easy to assemble. You even have the luxury of designating different levels of height fit best to the child in your life.
  • Fun Little Toys make safety a priority. The shown ball tower and accessories have passed U.S. Toy Safety standards, while also engineered with a large enough structure that’s intended to discourage all types of common, yet unsafe, play practices.
  • Package Dimensions:11.8*16.1*4.5inch