Calico Critters Pony's Hair Stylist Set


Ready to play and includes poseable pony figure Serafina who has silky blonde hair and is dressed in removeable clothing. Serafina is the hair stylist in the village hair salon! She's dyed a purple streak in her long beautiful hair and everyone says it looks wonderful. She keeps all the things she uses to style hair, like her brush and scissors, in a tool belt and she finishes each haircut in a flash! Serafina knows exactly which style will suit each villager best, so when she asks villagers "what'll it be?" they always say "whatever you recommed!"

  • Hair Stylist's set includes 16 accessories including hair dryer and straightener, hairpray, clips, headband, cart and more to style hair!
  • Play together with other sets from the Salon series including Pony Friends Set, Princess Dress Up Set and Pony's Stylish Hair Salon.
  • Recommended for girls and boys ages 3 and above