Colorful Butterfly Wings

Type: Pretend Play

Flowing purple polyester butterfly wings inspire imaginative and creative play. Elastic shoulder straps and finger loops keep easy-fit wings securely outstretched. Bright colors stand out in the playroom or the backyard.

  • Dress-up Parties: Be the star of the show at costume parties with these striking butterfly wings, sure to capture everyone's attention.

  • Halloween Adventures: Transform into a magical being and embark on a quest of trick-or-treating like never before.

  • Pretend Play: Foster a world of imagination and fantasy as these wings take your little ones on extraordinary make-believe journeys.

  • Gifts: A thoughtful and unique gift for kids and adults alike, allowing them to unleash their inner dreamer and bring their imaginative worlds to life.

  • Wingspan is 50"
  • Great for ages 3 and up