Doomlings Deluxe Card Game Bundle


Doomlings is a lightweight, funny card game that takes 5 minutes to learn! The random setup of every game, combined with the unique effect of each card, ensures no two games of Doomlings are ever the same! 

  • Card Game
  • 2-6 Player Game
  • 20-45 Min. Playing Time
  • Ages 10+

☼Base Game (Everything you need to play!)
Multi-Color Expansion - These unique cards count as multiple colors, leading to extra bonuses!
Dinolings Expansion - For those interested in adding a little Jurassic flavor to the game.
Mythlings Expansion - A fantasy-themed addition that focuses on mischief and take-that mechanics.
Techlings Expansion - Introduces attachment traits for advanced play.
The Meaning of Life Expansion - Adds a new layer to gameplay with hidden objectives for each player.
☼NEW Birth of a Hero Community Playmat - Approx. 11" x 22" (28cm x 56cm)
☼3 Mystery Holofoil Cards! 
☼NEW Art-Deco-Meets-Mardi-Gras Deluxe Box (Our shiniest and most elaborate box to date!)