Round LED World Map Floating Globe Magnetic Levitation


When looking at the globe, it will magically make you feel relaxed, help you to calm down, and relieve the pressure of study or work.

An amazing teaching tool for the children above 5 years old, unlike the boring books, the floating globe would help to develop their interest to the geographic. Enable them to know more about our world, our globe, our universe, They must love it!

  • Floats on electrically active magnetic field.
  • Operated by an electronically controlled magnetic system.
  • Made with advanced magnetic levitation technology.
  • FUGEST Floating Globe also is an awesome high tech gadget that people of all ages will enjoy.

World color: Blue Topograph
Shelf color: Silver
Lights: colored lights
Frame size: 18.1x5 cm
Middle globe size: 3 inches (diameter 8.5cm)
Switching power supply: AC 12V 1000mA