Sidewalk Chalk Bubble Gum Pail

Two summertime childhood pastimes – playing with sidewalk chalk and chewing bubble gum have been rolled into one for a fun experience. Fruit flavored gum sticks in the shape of chalk are housed in a container modeled after a chalk tub with a choice of 3 different color lids.
One of the most common kids' activities - chewing gum and playing with chalk on the sidewalk. Sidewalk Chalk 2.5oz Bubble Gum has combined them to create a fun experience not just for children's but also for their parents.

Chalk-shaped fruit-flavored chewing gum sticks are placed in a chalk bath container with lids in three different colors.
Sidewalk chalk has long been a staple of summer fun for the young and the young at heart.
And while the sidewalk chalk experience is pretty great as-is, do you know what could make it better? Sidewalk Chalk Bubble Gum!
    • Each piece of bubble gum is individually wrapped 
    • Each container includes an assortment of bubble gum colors 
    • Each container has a blue, pink or purple lid 
    • Include 1 per order *