Where's The...? - Stroller Books

by Ingram
Type: Kids Books
A new stroller edition from this best-selling series, complete with an attachable strap, felt flaps, and a mirror!
Five beautifully illustrated spreads show a series of animals, including a butterfly, a frog, a worm, and a duck, hiding beneath bright felt flaps as well as a surprise mirror ending on the final page. Now available in a smaller format with a sturdy, detachable hook-and-loop strap, this stroller book is perfect for babies and toddlers on the go.

Where's the Witch? Find all the Halloween characters hiding behind the felt flaps. And on the last page, find the scariest creature of all--YOU! Just kidding. You’re beautiful. But there is a mirror on the last page.

  • Holiday & Fairy Tale Books
  • Books for ages 3+