Dwarf Forest


Dwarf Forest Figurine Set 

Bringing stories to life is one of the most special gifts you can give your children. Make that gift unforgettable for your baby with the Dwarf Forest Figurine Set by Kipod! Our statuette set includes two dwarves, three animals, and many pieces of forest decor to bring your toddler’s imagination to life!

Create unique and unforgettable stories together with your children and strengthen the imaginations and creativity that will carry them through adulthood! Through creating custom narratives and acting them out with the dwarves & wildlife, children can practice recall & memory skills, as well as hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.

  • High Quality Wooden Dolls Toy for Kids Ages 2 & Up 
  • Includes Animals, Trees, Mushrooms, and Foundations
  • Fun to Learn Through Play
  • Waldorf Inspired Exploration