Dogsaster Stacking Game

Type: Toys

Dog-saster Challenge yourself or raise the woof with friends, as you stack those pooches.

Make sure to stay pawsitive and keep a steady hand. It may not be the finest piece of wordplay ever conceived but by heck is it one ridiculously fun game to play!

The premise is deceptively simple – no time limit, just stack up the dogs to create a precarious puppy pillar, a mound of hounds, a dogelisk (now that's bad).

If you thought Jenga was the perfect combination of challenging and fun, get ready for Dogsaster!

  • The canine version of everyone's favorite stacking game
  • Contains 15 precarious pups to pile up
  • Deceptively simple and incredibly fun!
  • Seriously, it makes Jenga look like a walk in the park
  • Everyone's favorite animal stacking game - Cat-Astrophe, obviously - has been given a cheeky canine twist. Meet Dogsaster!