Gootonium Putty


All kinds of styles, color, properties of putty to rock your world! 

  • Glux: Magnetic- Infused with millions of magnetic particles this putty will follow a magnet around. Includes a very powerful magnet to charge and demonstrate this putty's unique powers.
  • Glowing Green Putty- This putty glows like nothing I have ever seen. It just sucks up the sunlight and brilliantly radiates it back to you. It's a joyous green in the light, and in the dark, it's a radioactive super glowy green — great fun day or night.
  • Iridescent Blue- full of intelligent blues and a spectrum of other colors. It's beautiful to look at & satisfying to smush & stretch.
  • Polychromatic Nebula-  features an array of colors that have never before been discovered.
  • Thermochromic Orange- Depending on its temperature, it changes from orange to bright yellow.