Hand Shadow Puppets Bracelets Kit


Help your kiddo step away from the screens and into the magic of shadows with shadow puppet bracelets! They illuminate imagination, develop fine and major motor skills, encourage emotional expression, boost self-confidence, help social skills, and more!

Play It Simple! Shadow Puppets are easy-peasy with our unique animal bracelets! Kids can simply put on the bracelet, position their hands and then put on a puppet shadow show in front of a nightlight. Inspire imagination, confidence, and social skills, with the gift of Kipod Toys’ hand puppets.
  • Fits all sizes -The bracelets can be adjusted to fit a child's or an adult's hand. Perfect for kids' play or for fun family time.
  • The Best Gift for 3+ years - A toy for lone players, couples, groups, or even fun family time. You can create compelling stories together with our choice of 6 different animals.
  • Fun to Learn Through Play
  • Waldorf Inspired Exploration