Kiditos- Table Sling Hockey

by NPS
Type: Toys

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Simple Tabletop Fun!  Kiditos’ sling puck game is a carefully crafted foosball winner board game for kids and adults. You can play this tournament-style game at home, the office, a birthday party, a reunion, or at your regular game night. This fast action game requires intelligence and dexterity, and it’s one of those rare games that any group of people can enjoy together.

The object is to get all the hockey pucks on your opponent’s side by sling shot. Our game includes three levels of difficulty by changing the bar of Beginner mode, Advanced mode and Pro mode. This set includes 20 ice hockey pucks, and allows 4 players at max! It’s an excellent board game that the whole family will like and enjoy.

  • Dexterity Game
  • 2-4 Player Game
  • Ages 6+
  • Size 22.4"