Lemonade Set - 4 Servings - Made in the USA!


Lemonade Set

Won't you have some sweet lemonade?

Bright, eco-friendly and with a cheery yellow design... naturally- it's a Lemonade Set! Sweetly compact, so it won't require a big space. And best of all - Super effective in growing imaginations! Excitement is in the air the minute kids remove the lid and take the play pieces out of the lemonade pitcher.

All the Lemonade making and serving accessories in this set are sized really little, like tea sets from long ago - if you've ever seen them. Enchanted by the fun play pieces inside, little kids concoct, stir, pour, sip and serve to their hearts content!

  • Eco-Friendly 
  • All pieces - 4 serving cups and saucers, a mixing spoon, and the lemonade pitcher are made of recycled plastic because of responsible concern for the environment.