Little Miss Books

by Ingram
Type: Kids Books

It can be a bit confusing talking to Miss Contrary because she says the exact opposite of what she means! She really does mean to be kind but be wary of whatever she says.

If you need to make a decision then make sure that you don't ask Little Miss Fickle. She cannot make any decisions and really has a hard time when she goes to the library for the first time!

Most people would eat 2 pieces of toast with breakfast. Not Little Miss Greedy, she eats 23 pieces of toast, and that is just the beginning. Find out what she brings to a tea party in this story filled with greed.

  • Fairy Tale & Folklore Book
  • Books for ages 6+
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Little Miss Late is late for everything. She can't even celebrate the holidays on time! She can't keep appointments, and always leaves her friends waiting. And how will she ever hold down a job?

Little Miss Neat’s cottage is always perfectly tidy and clean. From the rain puddles to the kitchen, everything is always in its proper place. But what will happen while she is away for her annual vacation and Mr. Muddle comes over?! The perfect book for toddlers and young readers.

Little Miss Quick wreaks havoc with her speedy carelessness, and ends up with a hungry, angry mob after her!

Little Miss Scary loves to scare people, but someone is going to give her a taste of her own medicine.

Little Miss Scatterbrain has the hardest time focusing. It is hard for her to get anything done!

Do you have little ones that are afraid to talk to others? They are just scared and nothing seems to help? Then this book is perfect for them! Help Little Miss Shy get over her fear of talking to other people. Learn from Little Miss Shy that meeting other people is actually fun.

Little Miss Birthday LOVES gift giving. She’s fantastic at it. But Mr. Wrong’s birthday is coming up, and she can’t think of anything right!

Little Miss Whoops is extremely accident-prone. Then she visits her brother, Mr. Bump, resulting in a disastrous week.