Narwhal Duo Lip Gloss With Mirror

Type: gift
The unicorn of the sea has come to lip gloss. A Narwhal Duo Lip Gloss Compact combines the unique narwhal form with yummy berry-scented lip gloss. While the lip gloss compact's exterior is made of recognizable narwhal form (blue with a magical horn), the inside has a duo of yummy lip glosses in pink and white.

The Narwhal Duo Lip Gloss Compact cares about your lips. While the Narwhal lives in cold, drying Arctic waters, this lip gloss treats your lips to vitamin E enriched and free of Phthalates and paraben gloss. Yummy berry flavored gloss in pink and white is balanced by a fun compact mirror. Easily toss one of these narwhal glosses into a purse, backpack or party goody bag.

Narwhal Duo Lip Gloss Compact-Features:

Material: ABS, Mirror
Packaging: Display
Size: 3”
Dia x 1.5” W
Compact Features: Mirror