Nee Doh: Ramen Noodlies

Type: Toys & Games

Nee Doh Ramen Noodlies:

Ramen Noodlies are almost as irresistable as the real thing! You can squeeze, stretch, or mash these crimped textured noodles. Ramen Noodlies are brightly colored in 5 fluorescent tones and offer a unique sensory play experience that creates loads of endless fun. Toss them around with friends or squeeze a handful when you want to mellow out! 

  • Returns to original shape
  • Pack includes a mixture of yellow, blue, pink, green, and orange
  • Ramen Noodlies
    Stretchy, squeezable fun
  • Filled with a nontoxic jelly-like substance
  • Clean with soap and water
  • Recommended as fidget toy for those who may anxious or fidgety. 
  • Size: 1.67″ diameter
  • Ages 3+