Nertz 12 Pack

Type: Toys

Add an exciting new twist to card games such as solitaire that kids can learn and enjoy with Nertz Classic Kids Card Game. Each card feature colorful graphics and large print so that they are easy to read.

Players all deal 13 cards into a draw pile and four cards out in front of themselves. When play commences, players simultaneously try to empty their draw pile by building on the four cards in front of them (red sevens on black eights, black sixes on red sevens etc.) and try to put cards into set piles in the middle of the table starting with the Ace of a given suit and then the two and three and so on. 

When a player has emptied the draw pile and yells out "Nertz" play stops and points are counted up - one point for each card in the middle of the table in the set piles, and -2 points for every card left in the draw pile. First player to an agreed upon score is the winner.

  • Card Game
  • 2-6 Player Game
  • Ages 6+