Nursery Friends - Walk Along Duo


The Nursery Friends –Walk Along Duo- set contains two babies who are ready to go to the nursery—the perfect addition to any nursery playset.

  • This set contains accessories such as a rucksack, hat and water bottle—everything the babies need for the walk to the nursery.
  • The babies are wearing cute, colourful clothes.
  • The babies can wear and hold the rucksack, tote bag, water bottle and hat.
  • The crayons and sketchbook can be put in the rucksack or tote bag.
  • The Chocolate Rabbit baby is Crème and the Persian Cat baby is Ryan.
Combine with Sunny Castle Nursery, Rainbow Fun Nursery Bus, Nursery Swing, Nursery Sandbox & Pool and Flora Rabbit Family (sold separately) for even more fun.

Combine with baby and cradled baby figures (sold separately) for even more fun imaginative playtime!