Organic Cotton Muslin Strolley Bedding Set


Say hello {or should we say goodnight!} to the Strolley Bedding Set! 

We can’t promise that your kiddo will sleep a wink, but their Dozy Dinkum Doll will get the royal treatment in our Organic Cotton Bedding Set. The dream team comes with a squishy pillow and tiny duvet in the softest mustard hue {don’t even get us started on the tassels!}. 

Nappy change? Throw it on the floor. Nap time? Fits into the Strolley so dolls can snooze on the go. Tea party? Sure, it can be a picnic rug too. And for those little hands that just can’t get enough for their favourite dolls and teddies to rest in too! 

  • Mustard colored bedding
  •  Made to fit the Olli Ella Strolley
  • Made from Organic Cotton Muslin and Polyester fill