Original Puzzlebox

Type: Puzzles

12 different styles of vintage toy store themed brainteasers.

Puzzle Boxes: Assorted

These matchbox games make the best gifts! The vintage style of the boxes and the variety of difficulty levels make for a good time for anyone. Each box has a different brain teaser in it 

  • Boxes about 3 inches long
  • Recommended for ages 7+
  • Games included: Knotty, Double-cross, Tangram, Bee's Knees, Hook Line and Sinker, Tricky, Hoofer, King Tut's tomb, All Balled Up, Tri Me, Cat's Meow, Ring-a-Ding
  • Each box is sold separately

**Note: This item is available in a variety of colors, please specify color preference or we will happily choose a fun one for you!