Play Dough Wheels: Mini Vehicle


Imagine your own construction site with this adorable mini toy truck! This construction toys for kids ages 3 and up bring big building fun in a small, convenient size. Each vehicle comes with different ways to get creative, as well as a 2-ounce can of Play-Doh Buildin' Compound.

It's the same quality Play-Doh compound we all know and love with specks and sparkles mixed in to look like different construction materials such as stone and cement! Preschoolers who love to play with toy trucks and squishy things like modeling clay can bring the fun of the sandbox inside. This and other Play-Doh Wheels toys make the perfect gift for truck-loving preschoolers to get them engaged in creative activities with Play-Doh compound!

  • Online orders will receive one at random 
  • Ages 3+