Sleep Training Alarm Clock

Digital Alarm Clock for Kids with Red and Green Wake Up Light

Children will learn to stay in bed when the light is red and know that they can get out of bed when the light is green. The nap timer can be set for 1 minute to 12 hours. There is a hidden parent compartment, so children cannot change the settings or turn the alarm off early. Instructions are printed inside the parent compartment.The buzzer sound can be turned off, so only the green light turns on at the alarm time or at the end of the nap timer.


  • Parents get to sleep. No more 5 am wake up calls.
  • Red means time to sleep; green means time to wake up. The ball glows red at night and turns green at the alarm time.
  • Perfect for a weekday alarm time, weekend alarm time and naps. The alarm must be set each night.