Ten Timid Ghosts

by Ingram
Type: Books

It's Halloween, and ten timid ghosts in a haunted house have a problem: a mean witch is preparing to move in and scare them away, one by one! Young trick-or-treaters learn to count backwards from ten to one as each ghost flies away to the woods after seeing a gleaming skeleton, a bat black as night, a frightening hoot owl, or an enormous rat, just a few of all the witch's tricks. But one clever ghost, before flying away, unravels the witch's plan!

Together, the ghosts rise up against the witch in a big, scary BOO! Jennifer O'Connell's wacky yet mysterious illustrations lead the reader through the ghosts' dilapidated mansion. And her gently spooky and rhyming text encourages children to participate in the haunted countdown, making reading and learning eerie fun!