The 1911 Rubber Band Gun


Rubber Band Gun 

Introducing The 1911 Rubber Band Gun - the perfect toy for the budding marksman! Made of sturdy construction, it fires rubber bands with a classic 1911 design. Let your child's imagination soar with this classic toy!

Patented and improved version of the vintage / classic toy rubber band gun

  • Frame is handcrafted from hard rock maple, grips are black walnut
  • Semi-automatically fires 6 rubber bands up to 20 feet
  • Comes with 100 rubber bands and instructions.
  • Easy to load and shoot.
  • Warning: Do not aim at face or eyes, always wear safety glasses, use discretion when handling, and never point or shoot at animals
  • Ages 3+ 
  • Pretend play 

A perfect gift for kids and husbands