The Golfing Dead

Type: Board Games

Golf? Dead? Say no more, you'll love this wild game.

The apocalypse is here. And the zombies Yup. Golf. Will you survive this unreal game?

Zombies. ZOMBIES. AND MORE ZOMBIES. Remember when zombies and the undead were a thing? Oh, they still are. Play with your family, kids (boys or girls), teens, or adult friends.
Intense CLASSIC GAME. Turn the tables of Golf with UNDEAD ACTION, attack your opponents with ZOMBIE URINE, HORDES of Dead, and MORE!

#1 RATED! VOTED DEAD GAME OF THE YEAR 2017! You will 100% agreed with this BEST CARD GAME rating as you enjoy with your friends, family, children, and anyone.


  • Party Game
  • 2 - 6 Players
  • 30 Min. Playing Time
  • Ages 7+