The Old Truck

by Ingram
Type: Books

The Pumphrey Brothers do not disappoint in their debut picture book about an old truck and a girl with an unstoppable imagination. This author-illustrator-designer-dreamer duo blends careful detail into their illustrations that take their delicately chosen words to a different level. The Old Truck is the quintessential picture book and one that is sure to be enjoyed across generations.

A young girl turns her imagination into action in this beautifully crafted and intricately designed debut picture book.


When is an old truck something more? On a small, bustling farm, a resilient and steadfast pickup works tirelessly alongside the family that lives there, and becomes a part of the dreams and ambitions of the family’s young daughter.

After long days and years of hard work leave the old truck rusting in the weeds, it’s time for the girl to roll up her sleeves. Soon she is running her own busy farm, and in the midst of all the repairing and restoring, it may be time to bring her faithful childhood companion back to life.

With an eye-catching retro design and cleverly nuanced illustrations, The Old Truck celebrates the rewards of determination and the value of imagination.