Themed Brain Puzzle Boxes

Type: Puzzles

Peter Pan Puzzle Set

This box set contains 5 brain teaser puzzles in one. They are fun for all ages and have a range of difficulty levels.

  • Recommended for ages 7+

Mermaid's Lagoon: The mermaid lagoon is perfect for a warm summer, but sometimes the mermaid's are not too friendly. The only thing to do is to help the lagoon. Try to take apart the lagoon and put it back together. Difficulty: 2/4

Captian's Hook: The Captian's hook is known for some epic battles. This is one way you can defeat him. The goal is to unhook the metal pieces and put them back together. Difficulty: 1/4

Second Star to the Right: The second star can only be reached by children who haven't grown up yet. In this puzzle, you have to take apart the star and put it back together. It could take until morning. Difficulty: 2/4

Croc's Clock: The crocodile loves chasing Captain Hook and anyone else he can catch up to. Try to take apart these two pieces and put them back together again before you run out of time. Difficulty: 2/4

Lost Boy's Fort: The lost boys are perfect at tricking people. Their fort is not easy to find. You have to be just as clever as they are in order to take apart their fort and put it back together. Difficulty: 3/4

Alice's Adventures Puzzle Set

This cool puzzle set has 5 different brain teasers that are great for all ages. 

  • Recommended for ages 7+
  • Ranges from easy puzzles to more difficult ones

Mad Hatter's Hat: The Mad Hatter can be very confusing. The goal of this brain teaser is to remove the pink plug from the green hat without moving or touching the hat at all.   Difficulty: 3/4

Caterpillar's Question: The caterpillar always has the most puzzling riddles to solve. Hopefully, this is a little easier. Take the two pieces apart and then put them back together. Difficulty: 1/4

Queen of Hearts: The Queen does not like you. You have to remove the Queen's hearts before she sends you to the executioner. Try and untangle the hearts and put them back together. Difficulty: 2/4

Cheshire Cat's Grin: The Cheshire Cat's grin sometimes just appears out of nowhere. He is one of the most curious things you will find in Wonderland. Take apart the two pieces and put them back together before they disappear again. Difficulty: 3/4

Rabbit's Pocket Watch: You are already late! The pocket watch is the only way you can stay out of trouble. Work hard to remove the bead from the string and put it back on. Difficulty: 3/4