Vintage Fairyland Map Wooden Puzzle


 “From the World” to “a place that never was and always will be.” 

Every inch of the map is covered with vivid images from the rich body of Anglo-Saxon and English folklore, leaving almost no unused space.

To give but a few examples, Peter Pan’s house overlooks the Sea of Dreams, while Valhalla and Asgard lie on the horizon. Binding the image is an intricate foliate border, interlarded with text panels explaining the imagery on the map.

Despite the darkness of Witch Woods and The Valley of Fire on the left portion of the map, this is juxtaposed by the much brighter overall landscape, illustrating the prevalence of good over evil.

  • ABOUT THE PUZZLE: ≈1200 pieces + 15 whimsies  HUGE Size ≈20 x 47 inches (120 x 50 cms)