Wooden Toy Cutting Board Sets


Wooden Toy Cutting Board 

This colorful wooden cutting set will be sure to entertain your child! Learn basic knife skills in a safe and fun way. Fruit Velcros together and comes apart when cut. Have fun pairing them back together and finding there proper spot on the board too!

Your child will feel they are part of the action while they help "prep" dinner along side you in their Little Sidekick Learning stool. A fantastic way to introduce and integrate your child into the kitchen right away. Playing with your food is encouraged!

  • Protein Set includes: Egg, Fish, Burger, Steak, Wooden Knife and decorative wooden tray.
  • Dessert Set includes: Pie, Brownie, Cookie, Pastry, Wooden Knife and pink heart decorated wooden tray.
  • Fruit Star Set includes: Red Apple, Watermelon, Lemon, Strawberry, Wooden Knife and star decorated tray.
  • Fruit Swirl Set includes: Green Apple, Dragonfruit, Kiwi, Banana, Wooden Knife and swirl decorated tray.
  • All boards are approximately 7" x 7", food pieces are approximately 1.75"  in height and very from 2" to 2.5" in length.