Zig and Go

by Djeco

Zig & Go

A new collection of action-reaction construction activities!

A unique domino race building set where you set a track for chain reactions, magical momentum and non-stop action. Create the layout of your choice as you plan out how the action / reaction contraption can get through the entire course and raise the flag or ring the bell. A great educational toy where you can learn early physics, geometry, kinetic energy and physical science, all through engrossing play. How many different layouts can you create? 

  • Zig & Go 27 Piece Set: Set the dominoes to send the marble down the ramp. Knock the solid wooden ball around the corner on its track. And finally drop the dominoes on to the teeter totter.

  • Zig & Go 28 Piece Set: Knock the marble wheel down the ramp to trigger the wooden ball to run down it's track. Trigger the teeter totter to raise the flag. Can you set the course to raise the flag at the end?

  • Zig & Go 45 Piece Set: Start the car to drive the marble into the dominoes. Move the wheel to trigger the spinner to send a marble into the magic swirl funnel which sends the wheel down to raise the flag. Success!

  • Zig & Go 48 Piece Set: With the big 48 piece set, send the marble across the wall and down the race track to push the roller down the ramp to get things started. One action leads to another as each feature is engaged. Can you put everything together just right so the final domino rings the bell?