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8 Top Sensory Toys for Autism

8 Top Sensory Toys for Autism

8 Top Sensory Toys for Autism

Autism is something close to various members of the Blickenstaffs crew. Because of this and the fact that it is National Autism Awareness Month, we have decided to bring awareness to sensory toys that would be great for Autistic children.

We believe that play is crucial to the life of a child, and our goal is to provide toys for all levels of learning.

We have some toy ideas to share with you, but we also recommend you do your research and/or talk to a professional who could help you identify what is best for your child.

All of the toys we are suggesting today are sensory toys. Sensory toys allow autistic children to focus on one thing; thus, calming their minds. These toys create opportunities to have fun while learning about their senses.

Okay, enough chitchat! Let’s talk about what you came here for—toys!

Squishy Balls

Okay, I really didn’t know what to title this one. So, I gave this an overarching title. Squishy balls are things like rubber, spikey balls or stress balls. Something kids can grab and squeeze. Light-up balls could be interesting, too. If your child gets overstimulated easily, maybe steer away from ones that light up.

Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand is one of those things that can have a wide variety of uses and endless amounts of fun! Your child can mold it, squeeze it or just run their hands through it. This could occupy them for a long time. I’d highly recommend this one.

Pop Its

I know Pop Its went through a huge popular phase and some people think they are worthless, but these are great sensory toys. Pop Its are pleasing and provide a great way for your child to focus on one thing. 

Plus, you can find them almost anywhere, and they aren’t that expensive.

Sensory Mats

This has to be my favorite toy that I have learned about. Sensory mats are square mats with textures on them that your child can touch and be fascinated with. You can connect various mats together to create a smorgasbord of textures!

If you have enough of them, you could create a big mat for multiple children to enjoy. Might as well have the whole family join in the fun!

Modeling Clay

Modeling Clay is similar in application to kinetic sand. A child can mash, squeeze, or get creative with it. Plus, there are so many toys out there that can be used with the clay.


Rainmakers remind me of rain sticks, which are incredibly fun crafts, might I add. Rainmakers are cylindrical toys with lots of small plastic balls that bounce down the cylinder when you flip it over. It makes a noise that sound similar to rain. I find that the sound and the visual of balls bouncing around are really entertaining to children.

Lava Lamps

Wait. Before you think I’m out of touch, hear me out. Lava Lamps are mesmerizing and we have it on good authority that this is a great object for autistic kids.
Of course, they won’t play with it. They will watch it, though, and be completely enthralled by it.
They won’t be alone. You’ll probably find yourself watching it, too.

Liquid Motion Bubblers

Liquid Motion Bubblers. That’s a mouthful. These are basically Lava Lamps, but toys you can play with. These will also entertain your children in similar ways to the lamps. In fact, my little nephew has one and I’ve found myself playing with it. Now that’s a toy for all ages!

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