The Screenless Summer Challenge

The Screenless Summer Challenge

The Screenless Summer Challenge

Not Sure What to Do Outside with the Kids this Summer? Here are 5 Ideas

Summer is the time to explore and do outdoor activities. Often, we get cooped up in winter and get comfortable with being inside. During winter, we can get used to having plenty of screentime, but the summer is here and we can break away from it.

Our Screenless Summer Challenge to you is to find ways to minimalize screen time and get the kids outside. Involve them in figuring out what to do. Indulge their interests.

We’ve got some ideas to start you out. So, get out there and enjoy the summer!

     1. Start with a Bucket List Poster

This is probably the best thing to start off strong in this challenge. We have a variety of bucket list posters to choose from. Each poster comes with 100 activities/ideas for you to explore with your kids! There are quite diverse ideas on these posters. Things like going on a treasure hunt, sleeping under the stars or making up your own language.

Once you complete an activity, you can scratch off the white box to reveal a cute picture signifying you’ve finished it. It’s a fun way to involve kids and make them feel accomplished!

If you’re not sure where to start or want some help coming up with ideas, I highly recommend these posters.

      2. Idea Boxes

In a very similar vein, the idea boxes are these simple well… boxes that each have a theme with ideas or thoughtful actions written on small circular wood pieces. These themes include caring for others, quiet time activities, life skills, summer, etc.

How do these boxes differ from the previous bucket list posters? I like the singular focus of the boxes. That way, you can know which one to use at a given time. I also think that the boxes provide a more personal and individual experience for kids.

      3. Waboba Outdoor Toys

If you ever walk into our store, you might think that we love Waboba and you might be right. Waboba makes high-quality toys that are bright and fun!

They have water toys, mini lacrosse sets, and frisbees that light up with LEDs like a UFO. They have a toy called “Moon Ball” that bounces incredibly high.

These toys are just really fun and we love them. The toys are versatile and can be used for a variety of situations and playtimes.

      4. Go Outdoors and Pick Some Berries!

Berry Picking is a great way to put energy to good use and reap yummy rewards. There’s something about breathing in the fresh air and touching the soil that is good for the soul. If you’ve never tried it out, I’d recommend it.

Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, cherries, and many more are all ready for you to eat! Besides just eating the fruit, you could make some jams, put them in smoothies or make fruit leather. There is so much you could do.

The season for fruit picking in Utah County starts this month in June. So, you can put it into your plans now. Here’s a webpage that lists the various u-pick places in each county.

      5. Break Out the Water Activities!

Unless you’re on the opposite end of the world, the heat is here! There is no better time to get drenched. Whether you’re in the pool or the sprinkler is on, there are plenty of toys to play with.

Water guns are a classic. Get a 5-gallon bucket to refill their bottles when they run dry and let them run wild.

Do your kids want a swimming pool? Does a swimming pool make you uncomfortable? Get a slip n’ slide. It’s more interactive. The whole family can get involved. It’s just a better idea.

There are so many water activities you could do.

  • Water cup racing to see who can finish first and have the most water left over.
  • Water balloon fight.
  • Owning a pretend car wash and washing friend’s bikes.
  • Easter egg hunt but instead it’s water balloons!
  • Slip n’ slide kickball.
  • Etc.

The fun you can have this summer is absolutely endless!

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